“Globus Group Austria vision is to enable education to all generations and nations“


Globus Group Austria has three main departments:


1. Globus Institute

Enabling better integration of everyday life in Austria with our language and educational programs. Educational programs offer professional knowledge with an extensive background of practical experiences. Language programs are specifically designed for young learners with an opportunity of official examination.


2. Globus Horizont

We are making studying in Austria an achievable, fullfilling and enjoyable experience. Our Horizont center and camps are giving opportunities and support to all generations to attend studying programs or language camps in Austria.


3. Globus Kids

Programs are developed to expand horizons of the children. They are encouraged to raise their knowledge through fun and skillful approach to curriculum.

Our goal is to make children confident and creative builders of their furture.


Globus group Austria is directed towards sustainable development and innovations. Among many educational offers available in Austria our programs stand out with their innovative content, which meet the needs of the future.









fresh wind in austria, catch it and ride it

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